Carnation Elementary School

Meet the Principal

Welcome to Carnation Elementary. Whether you are new to our school this year or returning once again, we are excited to have you and your child as a part of our "school family." Many of you may already be aware that Carnation Elementary is a unique place for children and adults to learn. With its warm, caring staff, small size, arts focus, and child-centered atmosphere, our goal is to work together to meet the needs of every child.

"The best interests of students" guides our work here at Carnation Elementary. This is reflected in our daily work with children, instructional programming, support and intervention programs, and the professional development in which we engage on early release Fridays. A continuous cycle of inquiry is used to share teaching and learning strategies, develop instructional plans, and analyze data. This cycle, combined with a dedicated, thoughtful, reflective, and fun, staff, ensures that we continue to work with the best interest of students at the forefront.

We look forward to working together with you and your child in the 2019-2020 school years. Please stop by when you get a chance.


Chris Lupo

Principal, Carnation Elementary School